ODDWELL Issue #1 Review

It is our pleasure to introduce you to Oddwell, The Frog of War. 

We were given the opportunity to review this comic for the creative team behind this exciting new comic.  Here is an overview of the story:  

“Oddwell is a fantasy epic about a Warrior Frog, with a robotic arm, from the world of Zamanga, a beautifully dangerous world with adventure lurking around every other corner. This is the story of his quest to find a cure to save a princess and the world. The book is published by SBI Press (Starburns Industries – Rick and Morty, Moral Oral and more).” 

You can hear my thoughts on it below. Of course look at two famous men below with their own copy of issue 1.  A book with humor and a character that is about bringing war to his enemies, it seems fitting Kevin Smith and Anderson Silva will dig it. 




My thoughts below.





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