Strange Summer: July Sale and Season Review

In honor of the great season that is Stranger Things 3, we decided to feature the beloved characters for our sale in July. We also added in other things from new Storm shirts, Nessa from Pokemon, Spider-man Far From Home and other dope shirts as well. Get something to find your fandom. 

We have everything from Anime, Marvel, DC, Pop Culture, to Hip-Hop.  We of course throw in a dash of sports as well.  Click the links and check out the sample of items from both stores below.  35% off July 17-21 Click the links for Store 1 and the ones below that for Stranger Things merch. Check out Nerdsoul’s review of season 3 as well.

Blerd-ish Store 1         Anime-ish Store 2

CLICK HERE and HERE for Stranger Things shirts

CLICK HERE for Stranger Things Funko Pops and other accessories

Lucas T-Shirt

squad goals T-Shirt

Lucas T-Shirt


Lucas Sinclair – 80s Styled Aesthetic Fanart T-Shirt

– Merch Store

Lucas Best Friend! T-Shirt

Stranger Things Digital T-Shirt

Stranger Youth White T-Shirt

Stranger Wife T-Shirt

Stranger Husband T-Shirt

Click here again for the figures and other things!

POP TV Stranger Things Lucas Vinyl Figure
POP TV Stranger Things Erica Vinyl Figure
POP TV Stranger Things Battle Eleven Vinyl Figure
POP TV Stranger Things Eleven in Mall Outfit Vinyl Figure

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