August Sale: 35% off !!!

One more summer sale! Check out the sample of the items below. We even added a nod to the new Hobbs and Shaw movie. We have a little of everything to find your fandom. We have everything from Anime, Marvel, DC, Pop Culture, to Hip-Hop.  We of course throw in a dash of sports as well. 35% off August 9-10 and August 21-25.  Go back to class in style if you are the student or teacher. Click the links for both stores and check out the sample of items from both stores below. This sale applies to all the previous sales posts as well.

Blerd-ish Store 1         Anime-ish Store 2

CLICK HERE and HERE for Stranger Things shirts as well or see our July sale post.

Entertainment Earth

Click the banner for one of our new affiliates, AZA COMICS! Use the code BLERDISH for a 10% discount!!

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