BasketballandBS! 2-23-21

After a few weeks hiatus, we talkin about all of the hoops. Homer time consisted of praise of OKC’s young stepper Poku, AD’s health, and if the Bulls should trade Lauri or nah. We also discuss the surging Jazz as contenders, what the future holds for 6’10 who can defend or shoot threes, and much […]

Ep.106 Judas and The Black Messiah

Jamal Steele and Marcel P. Black joins us to break down the movie and discuss history that pertains to Fred Hampton.  These two conscious minded emcee’s also give their thoughts on the soundtrack. . . . Fred Hampton’s childhood home to become a community center, museum . Subscribe, follow, and share from these platforms too.

Ep.104- Gamestop, WallStreet Bets Saga

We discuss the madness that happened regarding Gamestop stock, WallStreet Bets, crying rich people on CNBC and Ja Rule?? NerdSoul joins us to discuss. Listen below. Share, like, subscribe to our podcast. . . . This debunks those stories of “gamers” and the little guy started this. The pro ate off other pros. Now don’t […]