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Ep 185- SDCC 2022, Black Panther Trailer, and Marvel Phases 4,5,& 6


The Blerd-ish duo joins a panel discussing Marvel, DC, and other news coming out of SDCC 2022


Watch here

Now for some of my favorite videos, trailers, news, etc that caught my eye  from the weekend:

Of Course this is leading the way:

Now lets walk the floor.  Thank you youtubers who make it feel like you right there without .. the people. 

Now the intro performance for the Black Panther trailer:

Folks went nuts in Hall H:

Another tour of the floor and things:

Now what is a con without cosplayers?

Let’s hear from the “Kang” of time himself, Kang

Some love for the toy collectors

One of my favorite announcements,  MORE AVATAR!!!!! 

Ep. 184 Ms. Marvel Review

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