New York Comic Con 2023: Random-ish #13


Random-ish is a spin around the internet into blerd/nerd, anime, music, pop culture, art, gaming, comic cons and podcasts. It is basically things we may not have discussed yet on the Blerd-ish podcastWe scan the web and see what’s going on around in the world. In this edition, we look at the one of the biggest cons always late in the calendar year,  New York Comic Con.
Lets start off with a chill walk through. As always, I respect youtubers who does this as I’m probably not eager to attend an event this humanly packed in these days and times.

Shout out to the NYC Walking Show channel.  They did a walk through for each day of the event. Here is part 1. Check out the rest below.

Break in the walk through action, Cosplay contest/panel

Day 2 walk-through

Day 3 Walk-through

Time for some more cosplay, music video style.

Shout out to the folks in Artist Alley

Day 4

Ep. 254- Anime-ish #34- Reviews of some of the New Anime

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