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9-14 Nintendo Direct, State of Play, Mortal Kombat 1


Here is the latest Nintendo Direct from last week.  It garnered all types of reaction from just okay to great. Most folks seem to say it was a pretty solid B grade.  A few things caught my eye out of it.  I will post those highlights and some others reaction to it below.  You can pre-order the games and much more here at our affiliate store!

I was waiting on his reaction since is a massive Mario fan.


This caught me off guard. A reimagined Contra based on the first game,  with Way Forward  involved?! Sign me up!

This is probably going into my buy list as well. I may get this on the PS5 instead. Not that the Switch can’t handle it, but I need more reasons to justify me buying a PS5 lol.  Pre-Order here!

Here is a breakdown of the trailers that may caught your attention like all the Mario games and Peach game.  I know they were the big draws of the show, but I know I am probably only getting SMB Wonder and maybe Mario vs Donkey Kong.  That will give me my Mario fix for a long time. 


Other things. Here is that sad ass State of play.. smh.  I honestly bought my ps5 just for Spiderman 2. The rest of this is just a bunch of blah. Folks love to say how dead the switch is.  Sure, yet folks are still jazzed for fun gaming as the Switch get ready for its swan song before the release of the more Switch 2.  I need ps5 to step this sh*t up in the next couple of years with something besides boring and generic first person shooters ( Hell Divers 2, Zzz..).  Also, Baby Steps as the first trailer, when we saw it in the summer one, hell why that game at all?

IGN with the short version to save you some pain

Happy Mortal Monday folks! Check Out what our homies NerdSoul and OpenMynd82 have to say about Mortal Kombat 1. Order you a copy here!

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