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What up folks. I attended the tenth annual Chewbacchus parade in New Orleans this past Saturday. My first time attending even though I first heard of it a few years back. Honestly, I haven’t attended a Mardi Gras parade in a while, but with so many of my friends, fellow blerds taking place in it, I figured I should go see what’s it about. As the videos will show, I had a damn good time. I appreciate all those who walked and performed in the parade. Special thanks go out to NERDSoul, Wakanda Moon, Ninja Yoyo, Women of Wakanda, AfroFuturist Krewe ,Aerial Space Squad, Krewe Du Moon, and of course the Krewe of Chewbaccus. Check out Nerdsoul’s highlight reel of my videos below, then check out the full length videos of the parade from me, and pics and articles from articles around the nation.

Here are the full videos below.

Here are some video and articles from local media and NPR

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