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Coop goes to Cons 2023 Part 2


A new segment (kind of).  I chronicle all the events/cons that have attended and I try to obtain a good amount of footage. I always post to the socials raw,  however, I also give them to our good friend, NerdSoul and let him put his editing skills all up on them.  So you get a good recap of what happened at the event. I always try to show our setup, fellow vendors, artists, etc.  I also stop along the way to interview some of them.  You will catch me all up on Gulf Coast from Houston to Mobile. Enjoy and keep watch for more to come.  Here is part 2 to 2023.  A possible part 3 is coming and of course, 2024 videos soon.  Here is part 1.

I am always down for a library con.  My first time attending this one. I was also on a panel there on an interesting topic. 

I haven’t been to Houston in years.  I decided to find out how fun (a lil pricey tho) Comicpalooza was.  I dropped in and surprised some of our fellow podcasters 

Some more on the table action.  Back at probably our favorite con as a vendor

I tried out this new con in our home town area.  Last year was really me trying some new ones.

Yet another new one.  The horror based Cult Classic… wasn’t quite a classic lol. Lets see if they tighten up that planning for next year.  A fun time but as a vendor…. 

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