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Meet the Geeked Up Podcast/ Random-ish #2 8/24/2019


What up folks. As I mentioned on our last podcast and on Random-ish #1, we are going to start featuring our fellow blerds from the south, the Geeked Up podcast. As with any podcasts, of course we will both cover some of the same topics, but check them out for deep anime dives, takes on cosplay, and other nerdy things we may not get to on our show. We also appreciate the shout out from them on the ep. So the information to find them is embedded on the post, but you can check back here on Blerd-ish to find them as well. When we return we will give our take on Cannon Busters, The Boys, and hopefully we will have a return guest. As before, Random-ish is a spin around social media and the internet into blerd/nerd, anime, music, pop culture, art and podcasts. Basically things we may not have discussed yet or may not get to.

Listen to the episode here

You know you love that opening lol

This guy loves it lol

This cosplayer had one cued up during the release week.

The first S.A.M cosplay I have seen so far. 

Now for other things that seem to pop up out of nowhere. Its still going on the web. The whole chicken sandwich debate. The funniest part about this is how the local joints are using this for marketing. Get the $$$ anyway you can lol. . I didn’t know this was a thing until social media wouldn’t shut up about it. Yet I do like stupid skits. Here is RDCWorld 1 with their take on this, and the final mention of this topic on this website ( Cant’ promise it will be the last one on the FB page though lol

Now to switch gears. One of the current big things across fandoms, The whole Marvel vs Sony situation. This video came out after a lot of unfounded rumors and folks siding one way or the other. Stan Lee’s Daughter even came out to slam Marvel. Here is my quick take. If what is said is true in this video by Comicstorican, then I can’t really blame Sony for looking out for its own pockets. These are two big corporations who don’t care about folks either way. They looking out for their investment only. If you own an IP, you have to look out and protect what suits you best. (Trust me, those close to us know). Now as a fan, I’m sorry Sony, besides Into the Spider-verse, they already crashed and burned this franchise down. The only things worse than the Amazing series were movies by Fox Studios. I will like to see the “home” series of movies continue with Tom Holland and avoid a reboot for a long, long, time. I hope they can work it out.

Also just a little more love to one of my favorite youtube channels, you should watch their audio dramas on popular comics. Its a good way to catch up on the actual comic book story without breaking the bank on collecting. Here is their reading on Batman: Hush.

Switching gears again. Lets peep into some music. Shout out to our previous guest, friend, and current leader of the no rapping over vocals movement, Marcel P. Black. You will see his podcast pop up here from time to time going forward. Check out his podcast and get some of that free game. He will be joining us again in a few weeks to discuss his new CD release coming soon.

Also shout out to all of those who did the possible last Fade the Flows of the year.

Who else enjoying the new Little Brother cd?

A new Mega Ran Joint.

Lets end on some artwork. We will be joining this brother this weekend in Lafayette at The Black Element.


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