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Random-ish #8: Pax East 2023


Random-ish is a spin around the internet into blerd/nerd, anime, music, pop culture, art, and podcasts. It is basically things we may not have discussed yet or may not get to on the Blerd-ish podcastWe scan the web and see what’s going on around in the world.
In this installment, I take a look at the walk-throughs, news, highlights of Pax East 2023, a very popular video game and tech con that features a lot of up and coming games from big and small developers and it brings the gaming community together.

First off is a very detailed walk-through.  I always like to check these out as that’s how I approach going to a con in the first hour or so. 


Next up is a quick look at some highlights if the real time walk-through is not your thing. 


What 80’s born gamer like myself, wouldn’t want to look through a giant Nintendo booth?


This booth caught a lot of folks eyes.  Just like Shredder’s Revenge was seen at every major gaming con before it’s release, expect to see a lot of this one through the year.  While it’s not anywhere as popular as TMNT, Toxic Crusaders/Avenger definitely has its fans. Also, who doesn’t like a good flashy beat em up? The beat em up renaissance continue!

If you want to fall even deeper in the rabbit hole of Pax East 2023, click here.

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