Afroboy & Puffgirl





The city of Philadelphia has suddenly been bombarded with super-powered kids and teens. All in one day, a mysterious force empowered twelve unsuspecting youth out of the blue.

Some of the twelve decided to use their new powers for good and unfortunately others for selfish or devious reasons.

Shakur Dupree and his younger sister, Tatiana chose to do good with their abilities as AFROBOY and PUFFGIRL.
The adventures of this “Duo of Soul” eventually cause them to cross paths with the other ten youths over a span of months. Some will result in conflict, and others in bonds of new friendship.

What our two heroes and the other super-youths don’t realize is that there are two major opposing forces at work behind the scenes! The struggle between these unseen forces will help to shape the destiny of most of these “Children of Power,” especially

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Weight 2.0 oz
Dimensions 10.5 × 6.5 × .3 in


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