Crescent City Monsters #1-3




Crescent City Monsters is a neo-noir story about Jonas, a sorcerer and blues musician,  who has grown up in the supernatural and musical world of New Orleans. Chapter one starts in 1963 on the exciting night of Jonas’s first paying gig. Unfortunately, on this night, Jonas’s world turns dark when power hungry monsters of New Orleans betray him. There’s a bounty on Jonas’s head and the monsters are out to collect. Bursting with the energy of Creole Magic, Jonas battles for his life against the dangerous Crescent City monsters. Jonas will destroy who threatens his life and the people he loves, but there’s an unknown force trying to make sure Jonas doesn’t survive the night

#2- Everything has changed, including Jonas. In this issue, we find out what becomes of Jonas and get a glimpse of the horror he’s up against. There are new characters and monsters we know you’ll love.

# 3- With his life violently altered Jonas, escapes his other world prison. Jonas struggles with figuring out who and what he has become. Meanwhile the loas, Baron Samedi and Papa Legba, discover something that threatens our universe and Jonas is in the middle of it.



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