KISHA Demon Eater



Ancient African demon king, Kishi, has hundreds of demon sons, but one day he fathers his first and only daughter- Kisha. Kishi distains his daughter. But Demon Kisha seeks the approval of her father, so she starts devouring her demon brothers to gain his attention and love. Angered by her actions, Kishi imprisons Demon Kisha to prevent her from consuming his sons.

Centuries later, sixteen-year-old Louisiana native Kisha Malveaux accidentally releases Demon Kisha from her prison and becomes possessed. Things get worse when she becomes the target of a demon hunter. In desperation, Kisha is sent to an estranged aunt in Kansas who has the power to exorcise Demon Kisha. But when Kisha gets to Kansas, she discovers her aunt’s town carries dangerous secrets. Kisha needs Demon Kisha to survive.

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Weight 6.0 oz
Dimensions 11 × 6.75 × .5 in


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