Kubadilisha: ጥሩ ጭራቆች


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A band of youths must transmogrify into monsters to save a dying a Earth from homeland and extraterrestrial threats to humanity.

Kubadilisha is a retelling of the classic genres, Tokusatsu and Super Sentai, with an Afrocentric twist and told in a manga median. Just imagine properties like Gatchaman, Kamen Rider, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Guyver, Voltron, and Dragonball Z all bonded together with multicultural folklores to create one epic tale of human triumph. This is told from the cultural perspective of people of color from across the world. Many of the African, Asian, African-American, Afro Asiatic, Afro-Latino, and the Aztec people on Earth have all united in the land of Africa to build a new promised land which they all now call, AITHIOPIA. Aithiopia consists of all 54 African nations united as one with the inclusion of other people of all colors around the world. Pan Afrikan ideology is the backbone of this sci-fi saga series.

Written by: Jahni Kwatrae Feat: Big Rube

Cover art by: Rodrigo Pascoal Pages by Phillip Johnson 


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