Random-ISH #1 8/14/19


Here is something I wanted to bring back ever since this website was created. Random-ISH is a hodgepodge of things going on in pop-culture, nerd/blerd things, music, art, memes/comedy, fellow podcasts and whatever else. It could basically be stuff that catches our eye, but we may not get a chance to podcast on it, or we are using it as a space for fellow creators. It was a series (Random Things) that was created in my former podcast, and of my current facebook groups, BasketballandBS. So hopefully you find something you enjoy as we roam around social media and the web. – KC

We are kicking things off with some podcasts. We recently guest starred on a fellow local podcast :

Next up are our fellow blerd podcasters from Jackson, MS. The good news is we will host their pod until the near future. They cover some anime and topics we don’t get to touch on, so they will make a great addition to your podcast selection. Of Course check them out on their soundcloud and social media here.

Now off to some Blerdcon Highlights. Shout out to friends who hosted panels, attended, and had a great time. The room is already booked for next year.

Next up is an interview with the Antidote in July.

Next up, some highlights from Mechacon in New Orleans.

Saturday’s Rave

Each Random-Ish, I think we are going to end on some art, anime, or music We start off with some Rihanna art from @iam_artist_jai 

We end on a high note. Shout out to Rob Guillory and LionForge.

Ep 59. GAMMA RAE Cosplay of the Geeked up Podcast

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