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Random-ish #3 12/18/19: Watchmen,Orlando Jones, Crisis on Earth, Harley Quinn, Trill League..


Random-ish is a spin around social media and the internet into blerd/nerd, anime, music, pop culture, art and podcasts. It is basically things we may not have discussed yet or may not get to.

Updated 12/28/19

What up folks. How many of you all are still on that Watchmen high? We are. Since we haven’t gotten to our review of it yet (hopefully we will ), We thought it would be a great time to take a random look at things and see what is going on. Lets begin.

I came across this podcast with the creator of the hit show. He really takes you into his creation process for it.

If want to go deep into a real thought provoking breakdown per episode, check out the Sister Night Podcast on the Gifted Sounds Network. Hosted by by Candice Jones and Nicole Daniels.

If you like your breakdowns in a more quick recap style of fashion, check out Micah Peters of

We go comic book shopping with “Cal Abar” (light spoiler if you one of those people who haven’t seen the show yet.)

Dave Gibbons illustrates Sister Night

Of course check out the Watchmen merch in our store

#Mayne is back and more powerful than ever.

Image result for watchmayne

All jokes aside, This show has informed many about the terrible acts of racial violence that was committed against the Black residents of Greenwood. That alone makes this show a cut above.

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Now on to a show that want to get it wrong. American Gods. Honestly, I haven’t watched the show yet, but I always saw the clip of Orlando Jones giving the speech on the slave ship. As soon as I’m about to start the show this happens….

The homie Nerdsoul weighs in on this trash move from the showrunner.

Switching to another event, Check out Jefferey K. Lyles for details on the Arrow-verse crossover, Crisis on Infinite Earths. I haven’t started it yet. I just haven’t been pumped to get into it. Honestly other than Black Lightning, the Arrow-verse has kind of run out of steam for me. I will miss the days of angry Oliver putting arrows in his foes and ending them. The season with Death Stroke as the main villain was probably the best season of Arrow for me. I used to enjoy the weird cut a way scenes to that hell on earth island he was stranded on. Soon after, Oliver had to chill and become a model hero or something, finally becoming “Green Arrow” instead of the “Arrow”. I think I just didn’t care anymore. I think the last Arrow episode I watched was Oliver and Felicity hijacking Barry and Iris wedding. Shit was corny to me lol. I want to believe there is still some hope for the Flash series. I will get around to Bat Woman sometime in 2020. Legends of whatever and Supergirl…zzzzzzzz. With all that said, still check out Jeff’s hard work on

ep. 113 - crisis recap 1-3

Now on to other DC shows. I am really enjoying the new Harley Quinn show. I love the animation style, voice acting, and humor of the show. Check out the series, this review here and the review below.

Shout out to Trill League !!!

Image result for trill league

Check out this eye catching art and cosplay.

View this post on Instagram

Early Christmas Gift…Commissioned Piece 🎁 • • So Many Us Have Received Some Amazing Gifts Over Our Lives. This Christmas I Received One Of Those…Timeless And Unforgettable Gifts. If Someone Told Me The First Year I Decided To Cosplay I Would Meet One Of My Favorite Artists….I Wouldn’t Have Believed Them. If Someone Told Me I’d Met Someone Thoughtful Enough Even To Pay Attention To Me In Ways I Have Yet To Experience Outside Of Family…I Probably Wouldn’t Have Believed Them. However, Both Of Those Things Happened To Me And Because Of These Blessings…I Was Gifted This SIMPLY AMAZING…For Lack Of Better Words…Commissioned Piece By My Fave….🖌 @marcusthevisual! • • • I’m So Excited To Share Myself…As 🌙Sailor Storm⚡️…It Will FOREVER Be My Favorite, Among Many Of Marcus’s Pieces. No Words Can Really Describe This Feeling! Thank You 🙏🏾 And Thank You To The Person That Pulled This Together. Thank You Handsome @hellspawned_cosplay 😘😘It’s More Than Appreciated. • • • • #blackgirlmagic #nerdygirl #afrolatina #storm #stormxmen #usagi #anime #sailormoon #comics #marvel #xmen #cosplaymashup #cosplaygirl #cosplayers #selfmade #ororomunroe #marcuswilliams #christmas2019 #mybfgiftedmethis #blessed🙏

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Lastly, We want to thank VoyageATL for the interview. Check it out and find out more about what we love and do! We join some of our previous guests like Ninja YoYo and Dana Morgan in the publication.

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