Random-ish #4: Cancel Season- Cons, Hollywood, Sports, Gone…


Random-ish is a spin around social media and the internet into blerd/nerd, anime, music, pop culture, art, and podcasts. It is basically things we may not have discussed yet or may not get to. We also go around the web and see what’s going on around in the world. Let’s get started.

Here is a list of cons and events that have been postponed or canceled world wide. Speaking of cons and con life, I want to say R.I.P Brian Held. I have seen this man on the local con circuit here in our home state of Louisiana everywhere. He was always approachable and always gave good advice each time I have seen him. I got to really chat with him at this past Coast Con in Biloxi. I may not have known him as long as others, but he will definitely be missed and is a big loss to the local nerdy community from New Orleans and all parts of the South.

This one hurts my soul…

Your favorite shows and anticipated movies are about to take a break.

Movie productions have been pushed back, even future trash ones like New Mutants. Just dump that one right on Hulu and get it over with. ( Yes, I am looking right at you NERDSoul lol)

Sports aren’t safe either. Not to knock Rudy, well yes we can, don’t pull the nonsense he did. Don’t be an ass going around touching people when YOU know you are infected. Also Rudy, touching your star player and getting him sick, way to go. ( Come to the Lakers or Pels Donovan. They don’t appreciate you in Utah, lol) You know this became serious when sports took their ball and went home. Rich Owners are not in the business of losing money.

Catch up on somethings you never seen or haven’t watch in a while.

So do you think they should put such a big hit on streaming?

Updates are happening a mile a min.

You still got to support those who support you. If you have to take a break from social distancing, help your local spots (and vendors and creators like us .. more to come on that later)

Check out the highlights from our friend and previous guest,Shequeta L. Smith, SHERO CON 2020. Get to know more about her right here. This con and others got it in before the Event and Con Extinction Level Event happened for the spring ( and please not the summer please).

Some more for your con fix.

Some things to do while cooped up in the house…. Find you some new music, youtube series, anything to make this time seem normal.

Of course check out Mark at Fade the Flow #slaytheflow cypher this March.

Keep at the fitness while your favorite gym is closed.

A book recommendation from our friend we call Jr. Jr. ( He need to come on the podcast one day)

A certain date? If we could predict that, then we could win the lotto.

Lets end on some positive news.

The children really are the future. Lets give this young man some applause as we begin to end on a positive note with so much chaos going on.

Remember when I said something about creators. I am basically starting a list of those around me who I know been affected from the loss of events, artists who stuff I am into, and folks who want to be featured. A virtual con if you will ( yes, I know its not the wheel being invented lol) to show support to our fellow creators, artists we have hired, friends, etc. If folks like the idea we shall see where #artistconnectcon goes. I see it as a way in the future to fly under a banner for small pop ups, growing to meetups at businesses, markets, etc. If not, it shall fade away. Shot out to Ninja YoYo on the design.

Other plans, I also plan to do more of a weekly? (maybe monthly segment) on one of our groups on facebook, The Blerd Market. We created that group to be a sell and promo group to counter act other groups complaints when creators share their own hard work and digital shops instead of whatever trash meme of the day. I also want to feature this more because we simply we don’t always have time to podcast with each and every creator we love, but we do want to show them more love digitally. The future goal with that is to allow folks to follow a similar model as This will allow folks to use the Blerd-ish site as another place to sell their work. Keep watch for that idea to manifest. So if you are an artist, creator, podcastor, writer, a business, send us your links, pics, etc to

Shout to all the DJ’s who trying to make this whole situation less stressful. Folks like DNice, Questlove, and several others have been killing it on Instagram live.

For the love of God don’t do this

Well till we meet again, please be safe out there.

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