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The Summer Games Fest returned this past week (aka The “E3” Killer).  A lot of interesting footage, trailers, and various things popped up. Watch and get up to date on big titles coming out such as MK1 and FF7.   Below you will also find other “fests” that focus on smaller and indie titles and some recent surprises.



Now some other big news things from earlier this summer.  The Spiderman trailer had people going insane and finally got yours truly wanting to cave in and buy a ps5 now.

Now in Good DLC News.  This will make me pick up the game again.  First off adding in characters people actually wanted and what looks to be a survival mode ala Streets of Rage, means Dotemu is listening.  I expected nothing less if you are going to be one of the best modern beat em ups, you got to set the tone.  Now still listen to our beat em up special here if you still need to find more to play. 

Speaking of Beat em ups.. The granddad of the genre is still coming back and has a release date now!

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